28, Jun 2012

Una conferencia de Isaiah Berlin sobre (o contra) Rousseau

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  1. FMGARZAM dice:

    Si no estoy equivocado Voltaire escribió un cuento para burlarse de Rousseau.
    Me gustaría imaginar cual sería la respuesta del naturalista a las opiniones del Sociobiólogo Edward O. Wilson en
    «Are human beings intrinsically good but corruptible by the forces of evil, or the reverse, innately sinful yet redeemable by the forces of good? Are we built to pledge our lives to a group, even to the risk of death, or the opposite, built to place ourselves and our families above all else? Scientific evidence, a good part of it accumulated during the past 20 years, suggests that we are all of these things simultaneously. Each of us is inherently complicated. We are all genetic chimeras, at once saints and sinners — not because humanity has failed to reach some foreordained religious or ideological ideal — but because of the way our species originated across millions of years of biological evolution.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am not implying that we are driven by instinct in the manner of animals. Yet in order to understand the human condition, it is necessary to accept that we do have instincts, and will be wise to take into account our very distant ancestors, as far back and in as fine a detail as possible.»

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